General Information

Wheelchair for animals that can't walk on two hind legs. There are 4 sizes S M L XL. The width, length and height can be finely adjusted. reduce the incidence of abrasions When pets want to move Reduce the incidence of pressure sores. and increase blood circulation and excretory system

Benefits of a wheelchair

Advantages of a wheelchair

Light weight

Designed by a team of engineers together with veterinarians Makes the pet bear only 19% of the weight. Comfortable to wear. The structure is made of Stainless Steel, durable, strong, not rusty.

Easy to put

Our highlight is putting pets in wheelchairs. The owner simply puts the front support on the dog first. Then lift only the back area into the wheelchair. Then lock it with the Click-Lock set, reducing the owner's burden in lifting the whole dog.

Can be adjusted in 3 axes

Whether the pet is taller, longer or fatter, the wheelchair can be adjusted to expand or reduce in detail. Support the growth of pets or for homes with multiple disabled animals similar size can be applied together


For homes that travel frequently The wheelchair can be folded. save storage space