Aqua Trek – Water Running Track

The Aqua Trek aqua treadmill is a treadmill that works in water. Suitable for physiotherapy of animals with muscle weakness. Osteoarthritis of the hip or rehabilitate the animal after surgery. The water will help support the weight of the animal, reducing the load on the feet and legs. The main highlights of Aqua Trek such as

  1. The four-sided clear glass cabinet is suitable for veterinarians to analyze the dog’s gait.
  2. Convenient to use Wireless control via tablet
  3. Easy to maintain The treadmill is designed to be foldable and lifted. enabling users to maintain by themselves
  4. Reduce water consumption because the structure of the treadmill can adjust the height in accordance with the height of the animal instead of transferring water into and out.
  5. There is a mechanism to adjust the incline of the treadmill. which has never been done before by a treadmill in the water Adjusting the incline of the treadmill helps to improve your stride angle. Helps the muscles develop better.
  6. There is an animal support system to help animals stay in the treadmill area. This reduces the burden on the helper to support the animal during exercise.
  7. There is a water filtration system that can be equipped with a water temperature controller.
  8. There is a nozzle system to create water resistance. Helps increase the load to make workouts more challenging. The specially designed shred head can be adjusted according to the height or position of the animal.

In addition, the Aqua Trek water track was also guaranteed with a bronze medal from Korea Innovation Contest at the Seoul International Invention Fair 2016.

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