Wheelchair disabled animals

Adjustable animal wheelchair (Ti-Wheels)

Ti-Wheels use titanium material. There are structures and mechanisms that are designed to be able to adjust the width, length and height that are suitable for each size of animal. The use of titanium results in a durable and lightweight construction. and helps spread the load, firmness and soft contact Ti-Wheels are available in two rear, two front, and colored wheelchairs for amputees that cannot use their hind legs, front legs, and all four respectively.

Tailor-Made Animal Wheelchair Happy Wheelchair

Happy Wheelchair has a stainless steel structure that is uniquely designed. has a simple structure Lightweight and durable, Happy Wheelchair has a unique set of support that distributes force, provides a snug fit, and a soft touch. Resulting in reducing the incidence of pressure sores. Happy Wheelchair has a variety of styles to choose from, such as Wheelchairs for two rear wheels, two front wheels, and colored wheels for disabled animals that cannot use the hind legs, front legs, and cannot use all four legs, respectively. Rabbits, Prairie Dogs, too.

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